Moreton Bay (Quandamooka) & Catchment

Water Quality, Land-Cover, & Land-Use

Water Quality, Land-Cover, & Land-Use

This section will establish and synthesise observed changes in the  land-cover and land-use of the Moreton Bay catchment over the past 40 years, along with observed variations in water quality. Linkages between land-cover and land–use, with water quality of the Moreton Bay catchment are well established and have provided the basis for multiple management and monitoring activities. These linkages will be defined and then examined in relation to planned and predicted land-cover and land–use changes, along with climate change impacts, such as sea level rise.


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Historical Changes in Moreton Bay and its catchment Jonathan Richards

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Water quality in Moreton Bay and its catchment: change over 20 years James Udy, Mitch Stephenson, Tony Weber, Danielle Udy, Michele Burford, Al Grinham, Paul Maxwell