Moreton Bay (Quandamooka) & Catchment

Moreton Bay Marine Park

Moreton Bay Marine Park

Here we assess the objectives of the current zoning plan in the context of the background and history of Moreton Bay Marine Park (MBMP). We investigate the values of MBMP stakeholders and the current human uses of the park. The influence of the MBMP on the ecological communities of the Bay and the economic implications of the park are assessed and recommendations for future management made.


History of Moreton Bay Marine Park David Rissik
Managing for multiple uses and values of Moreton Bay and its catchments. Helen Ross, David Rissik, Natalie Jones, Katherine Witt, Breanna Pinner, Sylvie Shaw

Non-Extractive Human Use and Vessel Characteristics on Moreton Bay following Marine Park zoning Rob Kenyon, Russ Babcock, Quinton Dell, Emma Lawrence, Christian Moeseneder, Mark Tonks
Impacts of the marine park rezoning on fish and crustacean communities. Mick Haywood, Richard Pillans, Russ Babcock, Emma Lawrence, Ross Darnell, Charis Burridge, Darren Dennis, Anthea Donovan, Sue Cheers, Robert Pendrey, Quinton Dell

Utilising long term mud crab monitoring data in the management of Moreton Bay Marine Park Richard Pillans, Emma Lawrence, Darren Dennis, Mick Haywood, Russ Babcock

Effects of the Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan on marine benthos Tim Stevens, David Rissik, Ben Gilby, Sarah Richmond, Victoria Thomson, Chris Henderson 

Factors mediating reserve effects in Moreton Bay Marine Park Ben Gilby, Andrew Olds, Rod Connolly, Tim Stevens, Chris Henderson, Nicholas Yabsley, Thomas Schlacher