Moreton Bay (Quandamooka) & Catchment



This section examines how industries contribute to the sustainable future of Moreton Bay. We focus on four industries: tourism, fishing (recreational, commercial, indigenous, aquarium and coral), aquaculture and transport. We summarise the historical context, explain the current status, and examine the future opportunities and potential risks for industry and the environment.


Introduction to Industries of Moreton Bay and Catchment Rod Connolly and Kristin Gleeson

Tourism in Moreton Bay Lisa Ruhanen, Mark Orams and Michelle Whitford

Fishing and fisheries of Moreton Bay Ruth Thurstan, Kerrie Fraser, Sarah Buckley, Barry Pollock, Tim Skewes, David Brewer, Zena Dineson and Tony Courtney 

Aquaculture in Moreton Bay Elizabeth West, Carol Conacher, Peter Lee and Brian Paterson

The importance of marine transport, infrastructure and initiatives for managing potential impacts whilst enhancing transport services. Adam Cohen, Daniel Spooner, Sam Williams