Moreton Bay (Quandamooka) & Catchment

History & Change in Moreton Bay

History & Change in Moreton Bay

Here we look back at the history of Moreton Bay and its catchments, assess how the Bay has changed since first European settlement and what impact this has had on its current state. We consider human population demographic fluctuations and changes in the built environment alongside changes to our natural environment, both natural and human-induced. From considering the changes the Bay and catchments have undergone in the past, we discuss expectations regarding the likely processes that will shape the future over the coming decades.


Historical Changes in Moreton Bay Catchment Rivers Jonathan Richards

Environmental history and landscape change in Moreton Bay catchments Justine Kemp, Samantha Capon, Jon Olley

Uncharted waters: Moreton Bay and its catchments beyond 2036 Samantha Capon, Justine Kemp, Heather A. Haines

Historical Heavy Metal Contamination of Moreton Bay Sediments Guia Morelli