Moreton Bay (Quandamooka) & Catchment

Habitats, Biodiversity, & Ecosystem Function

Habitats, Biodiversity, & Ecosystem Function

This section will provide a synthesis of research on the Bay’s dominant habitats, important groups of organisms and their ecological roles. The chapters within this section focus on tidal wetlands, beaches, seagrass, corals, vertebrates, benthic invertebrates, fishes, freshwater systems, birds, phytoplankton and zooplankton.


Introduction to Moreton Bay’s habitats and biodiversity Cath Lovelock 

Rivers, floodplains, lakes and wetlands of the Moreton Bay region and sand islands Angela Arthington, Cassandra S. James, Stephen J. Mackay

Mangrove forests and tidal marshes of Moreton Bay Cath Lovelock, Norm Duke, Joe Lee, Arnon Accad, Ralph Dowling, Mike Ronan    

Fishes of Moreton Bay: ecology, human impacts and conservation Andrew D. Olds, Ben L. Gilby, Ian R. Tibbetts, Rod M. Connolly

Ocean beaches around Moreton Bay Thomas A Schlacher, Rod Connolly, Andrew Olds, Ben Gilby, S. Ischlberg

Corals and benthic assemblages from reef habitats in the vicinity of Moreton Bay John Pandolfi, Matt Lybolt, Brigitte Sommer, Roshni Narayan, Paola Rachello-Dolmen

Seagrasses of Moreton Bay and the fauna that need them Paul Maxwell, Rod Connolly, Chris Roelfsema, Dana Burfiend, James Udy, Kate O’Brien, Megan Saunders 

Ecology of marine mammals and reptiles of Moreton Bay Janet Lanyon, Mike Noad, Owen Coffee, Col Limpus

Phytoplankton and their physical and nutrient drivers in Moreton Bay Michele Burford, Emily Saeck, Alistair Grinham, Jack Coates Marnane

Zooplankton in Moreton Bay Anthony J. Richardson, Lisa Gershwin, Jack Greenwood, Sarah Pausina, Kylie Pitt, Wayne Rochester, Jenny Skerratt, Julian Uribe

Birds of Moreton Bay Richard Fuller, Rob Clemens, Jon Coleman, Kristy Currie, Kiran Dhanjal-Adams, John Esdaile, Paul Finn, David Milton, Peter Rothlisberg, Greg Skilleter, Madeleine Stigner, Nicola Udy