What lessons do we need our children to learn and how can we facilitate the accumulation of knowledge?

The Education and Research Infrastructure Cluster will take a multi-faceted approach on examining aligned aspects relating back to the role of education in ensuring communities value the diversity and importance of beautiful Moreton Bay. The varied facilities and education access points of Moreton Bay will be reviewed. The variety of programs that focus on having students authentically engage in the science, history and geography of Moreton Bay will be analysed for their diversity. The numerous facilities providing educational experiences on Moreton Bay will be explored to highlight the role they play in the education and engagement process. We will also review the state of research infrastructure such as satellites, acoustic arrays and other ways of remotely sensing the Bay.

The value of Moreton Bay to education Dianne Aylward and Tim Roe (joint cluster leaders)

Modes of education within Moreton Bay Tim Roe, Dianne Aylward

Research facilities and infrastructure Ian Tibbetts, Clint Chapman, Jack Greenwood