How can citizens meaningfully contribute to a sustainable Moreton Bay?

This cluster will discuss the role, outcomes and applications of coastal and marine citizen science initiatives in Moreton Bay. Case studies will demonstrate how citizen science has contributed to understanding regional marine habitats and wildlife. The chapters will also consider the future potential for citizen science to forge partnerships that offer cost-effective opportunities to foster scientific knowledge and stewardship for innovative natural resource management.

Loder_Roelfsema_222pxCORE PRESENTATIONS

Citizen Science mangrove monitoring in Moreton Bay Simon Baltais, Debra Henry

Citizen Science seagrass monitoring in Moreton Bay Debra Henry, Simon Baltais

Citizen scientist: Taking Care of Local Reefs Chris Roelfsema (cluster co-leader), Jennifer Loder (cluster co-leader), Diana Kleine, Kyra Hay

The role of citizen science photographic identification in understanding marine megafauna populations in Moreton Bay Chris Dudgeon, Carley Bansemer, Asia Armstrong, Amelia Armstrong, Mike Bennett, Deborah Bowden, Kathy Townsend, Elizabeth Hawkins


A citizen scientist’s perspective Douglas Stetner

A critical evaluation of smartphone apps as tools for water quality monitoring in SEQ inland waters Renee Ohmsen

The citizen science and school dynamic Tim Roe

Using citizen science data for the Healthy Waterways Report Card Emily Saeck

Benefits beyond the data James Udy