MBQC2016 Research Clusters


Ten research clusters have been formed around topics relevant to a sustainable Moreton Bay and catchment. These groups of experts, drawn from research, education and industry institutions, have compiled the latest knowledge on Moreton Bay and its catchment and presented it on 1-3 November 2016 at the Moreton Bay Quandamooka and Catchment Forum.

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Darryl Low Choy Indigenous Knowledge and Culture
Stuart Phinn Water Quality Land-Cover and Land-Use
Catherine Lovelock Habitats, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function
Rod Connolly Industry
Chris Roelfsema & Jennifer Loder Citizen Science
Dianne Aylward Education and Research Infrastructure
David Rissik Moreton Bay Marine Park
Helen Ross Communities and Values
Sam Capon & Justine Kemp History and Change
Darryl Low Choy Planning