MBQC2016 Day 2 Schedule 

melaleuca_swamp_250x2000Date: Wednesday 2 November 2016
Venue: The Global Change Institute and adjoining Steele Building, Room 206 
The University of Queensland, Staff House Rd, St Lucia, QLD, 4072

8:30  Registration Desk Open
  Citizen Science Cluster
9:00 Jennifer Loder: Introduction to Cluster
9:05 Simon Baltais: Citizen Science mangrove monitoring in Moreton Bay
9:16 Simon Baltais: Community seagrass monitoring in Moreton Bay
9:27 Chris Roelfsema: Citizen scientist: taking care of local reefs
9:38 Chris Dudgeon: The role of citizen science photographic identification in understanding marine mega-fauna populations in Moreton Bay
9:49 Douglas Stetner: A citizen scientist’s perspective
9:54 Renee Ohmsen: A critical evaluation of smartphone apps as tools for water quality monitoring in SEQ inland waters
9:59 Tim Roe: The citizen science and school dynamic
10:04 Emily Saeck: Citizen science enhances the Healthy Waterways and Catchments regional monitoring and report card program
10:15 James Udy: Benefits beyond the data
10:20 Questions
10:30 Morning Tea (included in registration)
   Education and Research Infrastructure Cluster
10:55 Dianne Aylward: Introduction
11:00 Dianne Aylward: The value of Moreton Bay to education
11:10 Tim Roe: Modes of education within Moreton Bay
11:21 Ian Tibbetts: Research Stations of the Moreton Bay Catchment
11:32 Questions
  Moreton Bay Marine Park Cluster (Part 1)
11:38 Dave Rissik: Introduction to Cluster
11:42 Dave Rissik: History of Moreton Bay Marine Park
11:53 Antoine Camus: Non-market valuation and marine spatial optimization: complementing expert opinion with stakeholder’s preferences
11:58 Sarah Engelhard: Prioritizing seascape connectivity in conservation using network analysis
12:03 Jayme Harrison: Moreton Bay – a wetland of international importance (Ramsar Convention)
12:08 Helen Ross: Managing for multiple uses and values of Moreton Bay and its catchments
12:19 Rob Kenyon: Non-extractive human use and vessel characteristics on Moreton Bay following Marine Park zoning
12:30 Questions
12:40 Lunch (delegates free to purchase nearby)
  Moreton Bay Marine Park Cluster (Part 2)
13:40 Russ Babcock: Impacts of the marine park rezoning on fish and crustacean communities
13:51 Richard Pillans: Utilising long term mud crab monitoring data in the management of Moreton Bay Marine Park
14:02 Tim Stevens: Effects of the Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan on marine benthos
14:13 Ben Gilby: Factors mediating no-take reserve effectiveness and population resilience in Moreton Bay Marine Park
14:24 Questions
   Communities and Values Cluster (Part 1)
14:30 Helen Ross: Introduction
14:34 Helen Ross: Values towards Moreton Bay and catchments
14:45 Rachael Nasplezes: Stewardship
14:56 Jim Binney: The natural capital value of Moreton Bay and SEQ’s Catchments
15:07 Questions
15:15 Afternoon Tea (included in registration)
  Communities and Values Cluster (Part 2)
15:40 Anne Roiko: Human health: risks and opportunities
15:51 Angela Dean: Community knowledge about water and engagement in waterway protection in South East Queensland
16:02 Vicki Hall: Preventing litter and illegal dumping at its source
16:07 Sarah Choudhury: Social learning to manage for resilient waterways in the Moreton Bay region
16:12 Questions
  History and Change Cluster
16:18 Sam Capon: Introduction to Cluster
16:23 Justine Kemp: Environmental history and landscape change in Moreton Bay catchment
16:34 Sam Capon: Uncharted waters: Moreton Bay and its catchment beyond 2036
16:45 Ben Diggles: Restoring lost shellfish reefs in Pumicestone Passage: recognising historical baselines and educating and engaging community in shellfish reef restoration efforts
16:50 Jesper Nielsen: Reverting the Brisbane River from brown to blue – an engineer’s perspective
16:55 Dana Burfeind: Seagrass and Caulerpa taxifolia dynamics in Moreton Bay
17:00 Questions
  Planning Cluster
17:10 Darryl Low Choy: Introduction
17:14 Darryl Low Choy: Planning in an environment of uncertainty
17:25 Andrew Davidson: Making landfall on the good ship “catchment management” en route to Moreton Bay
17:36 Hernan Cáceres: Minjerribah’s most wanted: multi-stakeholder approaches to conservation, prioritising actions to preserve our nature
17:41 Rebecca Runting: Reducing risk in reserve design for coastal ecosystem services under sea level rise
17:46 Questions
17:55  End of Day 2