MBQC2016 Day 1 Schedule 

melaleuca_swamp_250x2000Date: Tuesday 1 November 2016
Venue: The Global Change Institute and adjoining Steele Building, Room 206 
The University of Queensland, Staff House Rd, St Lucia, QLD, 4072

8:00  Registration Desk Open
9:00 Forum Opening by Al McEwan and Ian Tibbetts
  Indigenous Knowledge and Culture Cluster
9:15 Darryl Low Choy: Introduction to cluster
9:20 Rachael Cole-Hawthorne: Recognition of Aboriginal native title rights and values in local government planning: perspectives from Quandamooka Country, Moreton Bay
9:31 Breanna Pinner: Values towards waterways in south east Queensland: indigenous perspectives
9:42 Darren Burns: Respect and recognition: mind the gap
9:53 Questions 
10:00 Morning Tea (included in registration)
  Habitats, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function Cluster Part 1
10:25 Cath Lovelock: Introduction to cluster
10:30 Angela Arthington: Wetlands of the Moreton Bay region and bay islands
10:41 William Loh: The Australian lungfish of the Moreton Bay catchment
10:46 Cath Lovelock: Mangroves and tidal marshes of Moreton Bay
10:57 Rebekah Grieger: Resilience of coastal freshwater wetland vegetation to rising sea level
11:02 Andrew Olds: Fishes of Moreton Bay: ecology, human impacts and conservation
11:13 Arnault Gauthier: Variations in the morphology of the electrosensory system of Moreton Bay fishes
11:18 Justin Beckman: Are the morphology and fate of stingray pits dependent on habitat?
11:23 Thomas Schlacher: Sandy beaches
11:34 John Pandolfi: Corals and benthic assemblages from reef habitats in the vicinity of Moreton Bay
11:45 Questions
12:00 Lunch (delegates free to purchase nearby)
  Habitats, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function Cluster Part 2
13:00 Paul Maxwell: Seagrasses of Moreton Bay and the fauna that rely on them
13:11 Matthew Adams: Environmental variability affecting seagrass in Moreton Bay
13:16 Megan Skelton: Are seahorses and pipefishes losing critical habitat to a problem alga?
13:21 Richard Barnes: Animals numerically dominating the seagrass beds
13:26 Janet Lanyon: The ecology of marine mammals and reptiles of Moreton Bay
13:37 Michael Noad: The rapid recovery of humpback whales migrating past Moreton Bay: A cause for celebration or concern?
13:42 Col Limpus: Fibropapilloma disease in marine turtles: re-evaluating the threat to populations
13:47 Michele Burford: Phytoplankton and their physical and nutrient drivers in Moreton Bay
13:58 Anthony Richardson: Zooplankton of Moreton Bay
14:09 Kylie Pitt: Bloom and bust: identifying the drivers of jellyfish blooms in Moreton Bay
14:14 Peter Rothlisberg: Birds of Moreton Bay
14:25 Questions
14:40 Afternoon Tea (included in registration)
  Water Quality, Land-Use and Land-Cover Cluster
15:05 James Udy: Introduction
15:10 Chris Roelfsema: Multi-temporal assessment of seagrass distribution and abundance for Moreton Bay
15:21 Jonathan Richards: Historical changes in Moreton Bay and its catchment
15:32 Megan Saunders: Should we take conservation actions on land or in the ocean to best benefit seagrass?
15:43 James Udy: Water quality in Moreton Bay and its catchment: change over 20 years
15:54 Graeme Curwen: Erosion risk in the Moreton Bay catchment
15:59 Kate O’Brien: Uncertainty in sediment and nutrient budgets is just as important as magnitude
16:04 Tim Malthus: A low cost near surface sensor for algal bloom detection
16:09 Kathy Townsend: Impact of marine debris in Moreton Bay
16:14 Sandra Avendano: Revised water quality objectives and new sustainable loads for southeast Queensland waterways by 2031
16:19 Questions
  Industry Cluster
16:30 Rod Connolly: Introduction to cluster
16:35 Lisa Ruhanen: Tourism in the Moreton Bay region
16:46 Kerrie Fraser: Fishing and fisheries of Moreton Bay – indigenous and commercial
16:57 Barry Pollock: Fishing and fisheries of Moreton Bay – recreational and charter
17:08 Elizabeth West: Aquaculture in Moreton Bay
17:19 Adam Cohen: Examining the importance of marine transport and transport infrastructure and the initiatives adopted for managing potential impacts
17:30 Marco Kienzle: Rising temperatures increased recruitment of brown tiger prawn (Penaeus esculentus) in Moreton Bay (Australia)
17:35 Sebastian Lopez Marcano: Critical information on mangrove crabs, oyster predators and key agents structuring shore communities in Moreton Bay
17:40 Questions
17:50 End of Day 1